Marcas de impresores y editores del siglo XVI

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MARCAS DE IMPRESORES Y EDITORES DEL SIGLO XVI : MUESTRARIO ICONOGRÁFICO DEL FONDO ANTIGUO DE LA BIBLIOTECA PÚBLICA UNIVERSITARIA DE MORELIA-UMSNH. / Claudia Rayal Lemus, Bárbara Skinfill Nogal, Suhey Morales León. Morelia, Michoacán, México : Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo , Centro de Producción Artística y Desarrollo Cultural de Michoacán, 2007. 112 pages : index, references, illustrations, bibliography ; 23 cm. ISBN : 9789689398004.
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This work aims to expose and analyze a sample of bookish engraving on XVI century covers contained in the collection of the Ancient Fund of the University Public Library. In the same way, it seeks to open veins of reflection on the importance of editorial work in the colonial era, its social impact and its role in the development of visual art. Throughout these pages you can find more illustrations of more than 50 brands of printers and publishers from the XVI century, organized as a dictionary, which also offer references on the source and bibliography on the subject.

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