Mujer, sexualidad, internet y política: Los nuevos electores latinoamericanos

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MUJER, SEXUALIDAD, INTERNET Y POLÍTICA : LOS NUEVOS ELECTORES LATINOAMERICANOS. / Jaime Durán Barba, Santiago Nieto. México, D.F. : Fondo de Cultura Económica, 2006. 388 pages : includes notes, bibliography ; 23 cm. (Sección de Obras de Política y Derecho). ISBN :  9681681265.
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Through the research presented here, the authors confirm an open secret in society: the majority of Latin Americans distrust political parties and abstention in electoral processes is growing, especially among young people. Along these lines, we seek to analyze what is behind this problem, in a context where Latin Americans seek comfort above all, religion is losing followers, machismo prevails, the technological revolution forces society to use new forms of communication and where many elections are won or lost because of these and other elements. Here paradigms are questioned, in an entertaining way and with solid academic support.

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