Pequeñas golondrinas revolotean bajo la lluvia


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PEQUEÑAS GOLONDRINAS REVOLOTEAN BAJO LA LLUVIA. / María Vega R. Chihuahua, México : Medusa Editores, 2023. 74 pages ; 17 cm. (Colección Luna de mar. Poesía). ISBN : 9786075956510.

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In this title the author presents a series of synthesized poems that could well be considered haiku due to their structure, length and themes, since they choose to highlight the beauty of nature, flora and fauna. In addition to this, she provides a broad vision of things, not only the largest and most obvious things like the sky and the rain, but also the small things like snails, or the intangible, like dew. The same title offers a poetic introduction to the other poems contained in the pages, as it alludes to the correlation between swallows and the announcement they bring about the weather depending on their flight.

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