Viajes al este de la ciudad: Una crónica de la guerra contra en el narco en Tijuana

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VIAJES AL ESTE DE LA CIUDAD : UNA CRÓNICA DE LA GUERRA CONTRA EL NARCO EN TIJUANA : JOURNEY TO THE CITY'S EAST SIDE :  A CHRONICLE OF THE WAR AGAINST NARCOS IN TIJUANA. / Omar Millán. Bilingual edition. México, D.F. : Trilce Ediciones ; Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes , Dirección General de Publicaciones, 2013. 391 pages : includes photos, references, semblance. ISBN : 9786077663621 (Trilce) ; 9786075163109 (CONACULTA).
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The so-called “War on Drugs” unleashed in Mexico with the six-year term of President Felipe Calderón, began wreaking havoc in Tijuana, when clandestine graves were “discovered” in the poorest areas of the city. After these findings, a streak of violence continued that spread throughout the country, threatening not only the inhabitants but also journalists, reporters and photographers who sought to do their work. The population began to normalize this, losing sensitivity to forced disappearances, kidnappings, murders and drug trafficking. In this title the author offers many details of this history of the country, accompanied by photographs and in a bilingual spanish-english version.

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