Colección Chávez-Cedeño: Antonio Vanegas Arroyo

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COLECCIÓN CHÁVEZ-CEDEÑO : ANTONIO VANEGAS ARROYO : UN EDITOR EXTRAORDINARIO.  / Mariana Masera (coordinadora). Ciudad de México, México : Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México , Coordinación de Humanidades ; Unidad de Investigación sobre Representaciones Culturales y Sociales ; Secretaría de Desarrollo Institucional, 2017. 172 pages : includes color illustrations, bibliography at the end of each chapter ; 27 cm. ISBN : 978607300040.
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Antonio Vanegas Arroyo's printing press began in 1880 and quickly established itself in popular taste with a wide variety of contents and formats such as booklets, flyers and booklets that were sold at a modest price. Combining the languages of popular literature and graphics, the color and quality of the image made by engravers such as Manuel Manilla and José Guadalupe Posada were integrated into the text. This title invites the reader to enjoy the colorful papers that were printed from those flyers and notebooks, gathered in a selection of prints from the Chávez-Cedeño collection.    

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