Escribir para no estar: Siete reflexiones sobre escritura excéntrica


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ESCRIBIR PARA NO ESTAR : SIETE REFLEXIONES SOBRE ESCRITURA EXCÉNTRICA. / Gustavo Iñiguez (coordinator). Guadalajara, Jalisco, México : Espina Dorsal, 2022. 107 pages : includes references, bibliography ; 21 cm. (Colección Frontal). ISBN  9786079974145.

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The reflections on the sensation of being disoriented, the sensation of not being there and the certainty that when writing one expands through the imaginative fields, surrendering to processes of inclusion and exclusion that are in accordance with the domestic divinity to which one comes through creation, is that the coordinator of this title summoned seven writers. Each of the authors included here talks about their own experience when writing, the motivations they have and where this need to continue writing comes from.

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