La medicina maya: Pasado y presente

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LA MEDICINA MAYA : PASADO Y PRESENTE. / Jaime T. Page Pliego, Alberto Velasco O.. Second edition. San Cristóbal de Las Casas, Chiapas, México : Organización de Médicos Indígenas del Estado de Chiapas , 2009. 11 cards : includes color illustrations ; 22 cm.
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This title is a brochure divided into 11 sections, which is part of a joint project with the Organization of Indigenous Doctors of the State of Chiapas and the Organization of Tzeltal Indigenous Therapists. These color illustrated plates represent what medicine was like among the Mayans before the arrival of the Spanish and how the Mayans of the Highlands of Chiapas (which is how the OMIECH and ODETIT therapists identify themselves) understand, live and practice the medicine that gave integrationist indigenism to indigenous medicine until the mid-1970s. This edition is Spanish-tzotzil-tzetzal and was translated with the support of the Sna Jtzi'bajom Workshop.

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