Historia de un canción

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HISTORIA DE UNA CANCIÓN. / Gerardo Herrera Ramírez. Monterrey, Nuevo León, México : Ediciones GBM ; Ediciones Font, 2005. 193 pages : includes photos, illustrations, CD ; 21 cm. ISBN : 9686896147.
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This title is a compilation of stories that the author wanted to present as a way of stating important circumstances or events that have accompanied the creation of some songs that, despite time, live in popular memory. Here the reader will find anecdotes and data pertaining to the musical tradition of Mexico and mexicans, with contributions received from other parts of the world and which became part of the country's musical culture. In addition to the stories, the lyrics of the songs and some photographs and illustrations that allude to the themes are included, as well as a CD recorded with the songs.

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