La revolución del cuerpo

By: Mozetic, Brane.

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LA REVOLUCIÓN DEL CUERPO. / Brane Mozetič. Puebla, México : Territorio Poético A.C. , Todo Poesía ; Liubliana, Eslovenia : JAK Slovenian Book Agency, 2021. 90 pages ; 20 cm. (Colección Círculo de Poesía). ISBN : 9786079135621.
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With Banalije (2013) translated into more than twelve languages, Mozetič became one of the most read Slovenian authors of his generation. He has dedicated his efforts to pro-homosexual activism since the 90s, and much of his work as a poet, writer, and translator is directed toward homoerotic work. In this work we can find that his poems are a meditation, autobiography and self-narrative at the same time, in which the need to satisfy desire and share love has an unpleasant counterpart: fear, failure and the disenchantment that exists after emotional and sexual relationships between men.

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