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Our amazing monthly catalogues of new and newly-acquired Mexican books are the standard by which all other book vendor catalogues are judged. The bibliographic information we provide is accurate and informative.

Each catalogue is arranged and indexed by subject categories for quick access to topics of interest. Plus, we bring together disparate books under timely subject headings such as, “Drugs, Drug Trafficking, Narco-Politics, Narco-Society,” “Immigration Issues and Human Migrations,” and “Judaica.” Cumulatively, our acclaimed catalogues describe the contents of several thousand new Mexican publications each year. They are the bibliographic standard bearer for newly published Mexican books. Librarians, scholars and even other book sellers use our catalogues as guides to what’s new from all over Mexico.

Mexican literature blog

In this blog we share knowledge, experiences and opinions of some of the Mexican publications that we have been distributing around the world for more than 40 years.

“Monstrua” – Brenda Lozano y Gabriela Jauregui (coordinadoras)

When discussing literature throughout history, names arise within any of the existing currents. We can easily recognize all the Greeks in the creation of classical drama, Edgar Allan Poe establishing guidelines for the structure of contemporary short stories in Romanticism, Oscar Wilde inaugurating his own aestheticism movement… And the examples could go on. It would […]

The world of zines

Readers can encounter all kinds and varieties of reading. Books, magazines, blogs, and digital platforms are the most common and accessible formats. However, one format usually thrives in the underground world of reading: the zine. Just because it’s “under” doesn’t mean that the fanzine is something that is suddenly emerging; in fact, its origins can […]

“Antología” – Lambert Schlechter

“The Cartonera, an independent, artistic, and artisanal publisher, publishes books with covers made from cardboard collected from the streets of Cuernavaca, Morelos in Mexico. Each of our copies is a unique experience because, in addition to good literature, each of the covers is painted by an artist in our collective workshops,” is the headline on […]